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The Pieville USA Story started in Farmersville in 2017 when Carlene and Elise decided to bake a few pies and take to the Farmers and Fleas market in Farmersville.


Carlene was moving back to town after living all over Texas since she'd graduated Farmersville High in 1946. Elise was living in Fville for the first time, after having spent summers and holidays with family up on Indian Creek.

It seemed like a good idea to have a little fun researching historic Collin County pies and being a part of the Main Street community, meeting neighbors and spreading the joy of flour, butter, sugar and eggs.

Two years and who knows how many pies later, the pie-namic duo decided the Farmersville Square had a gap and needed our signature sixth of a pie slices with both historic and new flavors, homemade ice creams, and other southern patisserie such as cinnamon chocolate choux buns and lemon blueberry scones, and tea bites such as custard eggs, "ladies who munch" chicken salad, and other yumminess.

The Mother-Daughter combo will also have the Craft Emporium, a vendor and consignment space with handmade craft goods by local artists and makers.

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107 S Main St, Farmersville, TX 75442



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